So: What’s this series of books all about?

Arrow pointing to the eBook Link aboveLet’s face it: online learning isn’t always met with a “rah-rah-rah” cheer of “yeah! Let’s log in and learn!” Why? Because in the early days of “e” (which isn’t that long ago) we as a field didn’t quite necessarily know what we were doing. Post some PowerPoint slides on the web? Voila! E-learning! Upload a PDF document on your corporate intranet? Voila! E-learning! Record the 8-hour instructor-led course and plop it on the Web? Voila! E-learning!

Book Cover with Disinterested Cow at a ComputerWell that didn’t do the “e” cause (nor the learners) much good, causing both corporate and academic worlds to be a bit fearful of Web-based training. Ask any employee or college student to take an online course and what is usually their response? Exactly. While some folks are awesome at creating engaging, captivating online instruction, for every one great course there seems to be 1,000 “not so good” examples of e-learning. And all of this bad stuff gives those “good ones” – and the field in general – a bad rap.

So, in a nutshell: why should you check out this book? Because …

    • There’s a lot of bad “stuff” out there now … lots of focus on creating e-learning but not a lot of focus on defining and creating “high quality” “e”
    • These are changing economic times … “e” is  growing and there’s growing opportunity there, too
    • Do you have a fear of change around online learning? We often fear what we don’t understand
    • Want to earn some extra dough? Learn how to create high-quality online learning and add to your income
    • Not a lot of moolah to create or manage “e” at your organization? Find out lots of great (free) resources to help
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