The “Poopy” eBooks

Book Cover with Bored Cow at a Computer on the frontEach eBook focuses on a certain facet of creating high-quality “e” – from the basics on instructional design to the graphic elements in “e” to evaluating the learning’s effectiveness. While each book is separate unto its own, together they give you a broad exposure to how to create and evaluate what constitutes “high-quality online learning.”

Each book is being released throughout 2012 in a variety of formats:

  • EPUB … for use with the Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Nobel Nook devices
  • iBook … multimedia / interactive version for use with the Apple iPad
  • Online Learning Module … a Flash-based learning experience intended to be used on a Mac of PC that interactively guides you through the main concepts of the book (NOTE: purchase of this version gives you access to a FREE EPUB version of the book to download!)

Simply click the book topic you want and scroll to the bottom to see the links to the versions. Check back often on what’s available, or leave us a note about potential delivery dates.