BOOK 1: Evaluating “e”

Title: “How to Effectively Evaluate ‘e’: the Story of Pearl White and The 7 Dorks”

Once upon a time there was a young instructional designer named Pearl White. She was all alone in the Training Department and was handed access to an online course by the H.R. Queen (who – it should be noted – was not at all wicked).

“Pearl,” she said, “Since you are the only member of our Training Department, can you evaluate this online course for me, to see if we should spend our company’s precious ‘apples’ on it?”

“Errrr, ummm, sure H.R. Queen,” Pearl replied, having zero clue what makes “e” good or not so good.

Pearl White our Training Professional

End scene. Ever been in Pearl’s place? Were you perhaps charged with determining if an off-the-shelf program was “good” … or perhaps one that was created by your internal training folks, by the curriculum design department of your school district or state Department of Ed, or another other entity? Well, if you were lucky you may have had Pearl’s friends’ help to guide you on what to look for. And that help is in the form of The Seven Dorks (of “e” or “e-learning”).

How do you effectively evaluate your online learning? How do you know if it was effective? Framed through the e-learning fable of “Pearl White and The 7 Dorks,” this ebook explores several strategies for you to use as you look at your “e” and determine if it’s built in a high-quality fashion or not, and – after it’s been implemented – to determine if it was effective for your learners and your organization as you had intended.

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